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I'm Donna Bradley, a professional genealogist. I have been working in genealogical research for over 20 years, of which 17 of them I have worked professionally. I attempt to offer the highest quality research services to each and every one of my clients around the world. I also teach and lecture on genealogical subjects, specializing in Native American ancestry but competent in all aspects of international genealogical research.

We all have our stories about how we got into genealogy and most, if not all of us, started off as hobbyist. I am no different. I had a grandmother intrigued about our family tree, especially her own, and she started sharing with me. This was before computers so all her work was done the hard way, by writing letters and physically going to look at all the records. She was born in Northern California and never worried about having to go very far to track our ancestry. It wasn't until much later I discovered the reason why … she was Native American from Northern California and the family had been there for thousands of years.

My grandmother made copies of all the family group sheets she had been working on and sent them to me about 1980. Although I found it somewhat fascinating, my interest was not tweaked until she died in the late 1980s. Then, while going through some of my papers, I found the copies and started looking for what I could find. Wasn't I surprised at my heritage from her side of the family! The fascination continued to my grandfather's side and then to my father's side of the family. This hobby continued to grow to a family tree of over 67,000 members and still growing.

I spent the majority of my life working in the medical field and discovered that genealogy was important in many ways. How many times have doctors asked patients “Is there a family history of heart disease?” “Diabetes?” “Cancer?” etc. These are all answers I look for in my family history. Therefore, genealogy is my second career in my life. I have since sold the first one and it is my only and best loved career.

I have attended classes and lectures, not only in genealogy, but also in history. I found that I was extremely adept at research and my genealogical career has grown since then. I not only do research, but have taught classes, given lectures and even written a book. I am the author of Images of America - Native Americans of San Diego County . I have been hired by several Enrollment Committees of various Native American tribes to prove and disprove lineage.

I am familiar with genealogical and historical research for:

•  Families desiring to compile part or all of their family histories.

•  Families desiring to acquire a CDIB (Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood).

•  Native American tribes or individuals requiring research for federal recognition or family lineages.

•  Attorneys requiring due diligence and missing heir research.

•  Persons applying to Lineage Societies.

•  Museums, libraries, municipalities, enrollment departments and professional genealogists in need of any kind of assistance or verification.

•  Anyone needing a small project involving a few vital records, obituaries, photographs, cemetery records, etc.

In addition to teaching classes in beginning, intermediate, and internet genealogy and “How to use the Personal Ancestral File” computer program, I have also given some of the following lectures at various location.

•  Grandma Was An Indian Princess?

•  Not All Indians Are From The Five Civilized Tribes

•  Finding Indian Ancestors Without Records

•  What Can You Find In a Federal Census Report

•  Military Records – How To Find Them and Where To Get Them

•  Where To Find Records Before The 1905 Federal Mandate To Keep Them

•  Courthouse Basements and What You Can Find

•  Cemetery and Mortuary Records

•  And several more.

As a professional family historian, I apply myself to the codes of ethics of several professional organizations. I believe in clear and concise communication and timely reporting. I attempt to be readily available to all and although I spend a lot of time “on the road” I return phone calls promptly. I enter all your work onto a modern computer program and am very familiar with multiple research methods including internet research.

Although I specialize in Native American research (which is among the most difficult) I do National and International research for all my clients and have since 1991. Regardless of where your ancestors were located, I can usually find their history.

Native Americans of San Diego County

By Donna Bradley

ISBN: 9780738559841
# of Pages: 128
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
On Sale Date: 01/26/2009

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